Upcoming Events

2018 Events

HelloNabr was established 5+ years ago and has hosted 1000+ events with over 100 neighborhoods in Austin and the surrounding areas.  HelloNabr partners with HOAs to host fun events for their community.  Nurture My Child has entered into an exclusive agreement with this organization to allow Nurture My Child business partners access to neighborhood events at a discounted rate.   Six key neighborhoods in Austin & the surrounding areas have been identified, with quarterly ‘themes’ in those communities. 

3Q18: After-School Programs & Fall Classes

4Q18: Preschools & Private/Charter Schools

7/13 & 8/10: Circle C

10/3: Shady Hollow

7/14 & 8/11: Avalon

10/5: Forest Oaks

8/9: Shady Hollow

10/12 & 11/9: Circle C

8/15: Forest Oaks

10/20: Lake Pointe

8/25: Vista Oaks

10/27 Vista Oaks

9/1: Lake Pointe

11/10: Avalon


In addition to the events listed above, HelloNabr offers events throughout the year in 40+ neighborhoods.  As a Nurture My Child business partner, you are able to attend as many HelloNabr events as you would like.  We have been able to negotiate a GREAT deal for you with additional discounts for attending 8+ events.  This is a wonderful way to have a continued presence among a specific community.  You can see the complete list of 2018 events at: LINK

Please contact Rebecca at rebecca@nurturemychild.com or 512-923-8445 with any questions or to register for events.

2019 Hellonabr Events

·       1Q19: Feb/March 2019: Summer Camp Fair Events

·       2Q19: Apr/May:  Sports Leagues & Classes

·       3Q19: After School Programs/Fall Classes

·       4Q19: Preschools & Private/Charter Schools or Birthday Parties

SUNDAY February 24th

1-4pm at the Norris Conference Center - 2525 W Anderson Lane

The Nurture My Child Camp Fair is a friendly, community focused camp fair to help parents select the right summer camp for their child.  We provide a positive event experience for the camps, families, vendors and sponsors.