#AskNurtureMyChild: When do I start looking for preschools?

Friday, October 7, 2016

Welcome to our first edition of #AskNurtureMyChild.  This is where our Nurture My Child families can email their questions on anything child or family related.  We will be responding to your questions through email but we'll also pick a 'hot topic' to answer in more detail every other week.
For this first #AskNurtureMyChild I chose a question that I am constantly asked by parents: When should I start looking for preschool?  I hope this article helps answer that for you.

Are You Thinking About Preschool for Fall 2017?  It's time to start!

I know, I seems like it just started!  Why in the world should you be thinking about something that is 10 months away when you have to think about Halloween costumes and turkeys and Christmas, for goodness sake?!  I'll tell you why -- because getting on waitlists for preschools is a timing game.

Today I am going to break it all down for you to explain why you need to get started on your preschool search as soon as possible.

  • October 2016: You need to be setting up tours at preschools and getting on waitlists so that your name can be towards the top of the wait list.  So this means you need to make this a priority.
  • January/February 2017: Schools start asking existing students if they will be coming back in the fall.  They will also be asking who has a sibling who wants to attend.
  • Late February 2017: Schools start calling families who have priority on the waitlist -- this means siblings, church members, certain corporations, etc.  Make sure you know who has priority at each preschool you are looking at.
  • March 2017: Schools start calling families from the waiting list.  Families who were first on the list are the first ones who are called. This is why starting as soon as possible is so important!
  • Late August/Early September 2017:  School Starts.
Some preschools do have a year-plus waiting list, so you may have to start even earlier. Understanding the timing of when schools fill their classrooms is important.

Nurture My Child can also help with your preschool search.  I do 1-to-2 hour child care consultations with you in your home to help determine which philosophies and schools would work best for you and create a list of schools that match your needs.  

I am also extremely excited about a HUGE Announcement Coming Next Week that will help you tremendously in your search for preschools, child care and after school care.  Like us on Facebook to be the first to know!



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