Thursday, September 29, 2016

Welcome to our new #FridayFeature where we feature businesses and talk about topics we think will benefit our Nurture My Child Families.

This week I wanted to introduce you to an amazing new resource for parents:  Parenters was recently founded by Annie Ferreri, with the goal of connecting families to trusted advisers for in-home, child-specific guidance, education and support.  


Parenters offers a range of specialized services to help guide you through the development of your child and the growth of your family. Each adviser is an experienced professional who has been researched and vetted by Annie, so you know you will receive quality advice and consistent service. Some of the examples of services are:

Health & Nutrition - Family nutrition guidance is available, as well as meal planning and healthy eating for food allergies, intolerances, and disorders. They also specialize in sports nutrition, exercise and physical activity suggestions for your child.

Child Development - Learn about the stages of your child's development and receive suggestions for in-home learning activities based on your child's growth.

School Preparation - Get help preparing for the first day of school and receive assistance on school selection if you're seeking alternative education options.

Educational Achievement - Parenters guides you towards your child's educational achievement and success through creating educational environments, structure, organization, and understanding how to advocate for your child in school.

Emotional Intelligence - Learn the importance of social-emotional learning and how to model behaviors in your home through suggestions on behavior management and creating environments that promote routine and positive reward systems.

Special Needs - If your child has been recently diagnosed with a special need or learning difference, Parenters can guide you through your school's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and Admission Review and Dismissal (ARD) process. 

I love as there is no other resource like it in Austin. Having a single place to find qualified individuals who can come to your home and provide guidance to your family and your child specifically is invaluable. I hope you find the site as useful as I have.



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