5 Reasons Why Spring Break Camps are Great for Kids

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

There is no doubt that school vacations are essential to our kids’ mental health. Having a break from the workload and everyday grind of school and homework is refreshing and necessary! Unfortunately for many families, taking a vacation is not a reality, whether due to work constraints or tighter budgets. Many parents know all too well that having their kids hang out on electronics all week is also less than ideal.

In such situations, Spring Break camps are an excellent choice for many families. With a wide range of interests and focuses, kids can find a camp that highlights activities they’re interested in. There are camps that focus on art or STEM concepts, all the way to cheer and other physical activities. Are you considering a Spring Break camp for your child? Here are five reasons why they’re great:

  1. Spring Break camps combat boredom. Every parent has heard those dreaded two words at one point or another: "I’m bored.” Though being bored is good for kids, having an entire week (or more!) of unstructured freedom might be more frustrating than beneficial. Spring Break camps place kids in a more engaging environment where they are able to partake in activities to keep them interested and entertained.

  2. Families will stay on schedule. Wouldn’t it be great if every job permitted a week off for Spring Break? Unfortunately, this isn’t a reality for every family. Spring Break camps allow families to maintain their usual routines and save time off for other planned vacations or holidays. Attending camp also helps kids stay consistent in their routine of waking up and leaving the house each morning.

  3. Kids can focus on what they love. Is your child interested in art? Or fascinated by robots? There are tons of great camps to choose from in the Austin area, and there is sure to be one that fits your child’s interests. We all have subjects that we love and dislike, and camp serves as a nice break for your kids to be able to focus on an activity that they enjoy.

  4. You will save money. Hiring a sitter or planning a vacation can be pricy. Spring Break camps are cost-effective alternatives.

  5. Your child will be challenged and pushed out of his or her comfort zone. Going to school with the same kids each day can certainly make your child grow comfortable with his or her circle of friends. Attending a Spring Break camp will likely expose them to a new pool of peers and provide the opportunity to form new friendships. 

Are you sending your kids to a Spring Break camp? Be sure to check out our comprehensive list of over 800 camps in the Austin area!

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