A Teenage Comedy Takeover. Really.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The sun goes down and the jokes fly at Excused Absence Nights, Austin’s premiere youth showcase featuring improv, sketch and stand up comedians poised to craft tomorrow’s cultural landscape. Every Sunday at 5PM audiences are treated to a tight 50 minutes of comedy by teens, for teens, featuring students and graduates of Excused Absence, the official youth program of ColdTowne Theater. After blowing minds and with a slick nod to those who came before them, teens acquiesce the stage to a well-seasoned adult team followed by an all ages jam session where anyone in the mood for make-em-ups is welcome to join the accommodating players for an entertaining montage of inspired scenes for all skill levels.

Troupes appearing on the Excused Absence Nights schedule are a combination of experienced house teams assembled by a dedicated coach and side projects put together by the teens, themselves. These are high school and middle school students putting in extracurricular work to perfect an art form through collaboration and the guidance of a trained professional. Whether it is a one-off goof or a youth improv institution (two years is a long time for teens!), audiences are guaranteed a performance worthy of the "pay what you wish” admittance fee at the door.

Nights also grants a unique management aspect of running the show, truly making it by and for teens. This pilot program sees students step into the roles of booking acts, promoting shows and managing behind the scenes, making sure the lights go on and off on cue. Students are taught to take risks and show initiative in the classroom, this side of Excused Absence Nights wants to show how these skills translate to life experiences where listening, supporting and agreeing can be applied to solve problems and motivate teams in the workplace.

Initially founded as Move Your Tale’s All Ages Night in the spring of 2012, Excused Absence Nights continues to grow with its many longtime students, paving the way for an untold number of stories and creating opportunities for students to perform in a real theater environment before a real audience. Excused Absence Nights is an extension of the Excused Absence conservatory which offers students year-round camps and classes in the various forms of comedy with ever-expanding performance events, including the annual Excused Absence Comedy Festival, featuring teachers and performers from all across Texas.

Excused Absence Nights is held every Sunday at 5PM at ColdTowne Theater, 4803 Airport Blvd.

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