4 Valuable Life Skills Campers Learn at All-Star Sports Camp

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

SoccerZone’s All-Star Sports Camp is a day camp where kids develop their athletic skills through active games and activities. Besides being a lot of fun, character building is an important aspect of the program.

Here are 4 valuable life skills campers learn at All-Star Sports Camp:

Developing an Active Lifestyle

Developing a sustainable, active lifestyle requires building a positive relationship with fitness. With kids, this means learning that exercise can be fun. Learning new sports and games gives kids more ways to play with their friends and encourages them to incorporate exercise into their daily life. In other words, a child who enjoys sports is more likely to be fit and play sports as they grow older.

At All-Star Sports Camp, coaches ensure that campers enjoy their time at camp. With so many activities available, every day is different. Campers also work with coaches to decide which games to play. A mix of organized sports games and informal play creates a flexible structure that keeps campers excited for each day of camp.


Teamwork is the ability to communicate and coordinate with a group to achieve a common goal. This skill is essential sports, work, and personal relationships. Learning this lesson early has countless benefits and will help them enjoy activities that make them healthy.

At camp, coaches help the kids work with their peers during team activities like flag-football, soccer, and kickball. As they learn teamwork, they also learn how to thrive in competitive settings and build strong relationships with teammates.

Good Sportsmanship

Good sportsmanship is the fair treatment of others, and nothing teaches this life lesson better than sports itself. A person with this skill is a humble winner, gracious loser, tries their best and follows the rules of the game. They know that, at the end of the day, a well-played game is more important than beating the competition.

Camp coaches encourage campers to put their best foot forward at all times. By watching their coach, they learn that a positive attitude makes playing enjoyable for everyone.

Following Directions

Listening to directions is a skill that some kids have trouble with but is important to master. Children who are able to carry out instructions will most likely be safer and find success in school and sports.

Coaches lead all organized activities. Campers practice listening skills every time coaches introduce a game, teach playing rules, and enforce safety guidelines. By the end of camp, the kids will have learned how to play many new sports and games and understand the importance of following instructions.


All-Star Sports Camp runs every week throughout the summer, Monday through Friday. The program is open to kids ages 5-13 and offers half day, full day, and single day spots. To learn more about program details and registration options, please go to

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