Alternatives to Candy for Trick or Treatrs

Friday, October 13, 2017

Many of us have fond Halloween memories of trick or treating and collecting candy, only to go home and trade for favorites with friends and siblings. For many kids, though, partaking in this simple tradition isn’t as easy because they suffer from food allergies. Amazing efforts are being made to help make Halloween fun for those with allergies, such as the Teal Pumpkin Project, where parents place a teal pumpkin outside their home to signify to others that they're offering an allergy-friendly treat. This Halloween, consider giving an alternative to traditional candy bars. Here are some of our favorites:


Juice Boxes or A Lemonade Stand. Trick or treating works up a thirst, so consider passing out juice boxes or running a lemonade stand. 

Local Honey Sticks. Many Farmer’s Markets sell these, and it's always great to support local business! They’re also delicious and cost effective.

Fruit Leather. Costco and Sam's Club sell bulk packs, which are perfect for Halloween.

Stickers. Kids love stickers! Just make sure to buy in bulk because they can get pricy.

Bubbles. A classic loved by many, bubbles make a great alternative to candy. 

Glow sticks. What a fun addition to their costumes or to save for another night!

Miniature Play Dough. This is especially great because it lasts well after Halloween.

Natural Candy. I love YumEarth candies, which are sold at Whole Foods, HEB, and on Amazon.

Coloring books. These are easy to purchase at the Dollar Store and will also last kids well past Halloween!

Mini Pretzel Bags. With so much sweet, a little salty addition to their trick or treat bag might be welcomed!

What do you think, Austin parents? Are you giving out an allergy-friendly treat?


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