Back to School Checklist

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

By Addie Gross


My son started kindergarten last year. In our excited rush to get him there on time (and get some pictures in front of the school of course), we forgot to have him use the bathroom one last time before we left the house. Luckily, he didn’t pee his pants and we were able to use the bathroom in the front office before any accidents happened, but could you imagine if things hadn’t worked out so well? That very day, I immediately went home and printed a checklist of things we need to remember to do every school morning. I taped it right to the front door so we could check the list before leaving the house every day. Here are some ideas for a Morning Checklist to print out and tape to your front door:

·       Make bed

·       Use the bathroom

·       Eat breakfast

·       Brush teeth

·       Brush hair

·       Wash face

·       Get dressed

·       Shoes on

In addition to printing out a Morning Checklist, here are some more things you might want to consider getting done before the school year starts:

·       Fresh haircuts

·       New shoes/clothes (lay out first day outfit so it’s ready to go)

·       School supplies (ready to go inside backpack)

·       Fall sports/lessons

·       New backpack, lunch box, and water bottle

·       Stock up on school lunch and snack foods

·       Make sure homework stations at home are set up (fresh paper, pencils, staples, etc).

·       Plan a special back-to-school breakfast

·       Make sure you clear enough space on your phone to get those back to school pictures! And charge your phone the night before!

·       Set your alarm to your new wake up time. Bonus points if you practice going to bed and waking up earlier a couple days before school starts to get everyone into the new routine.

Good luck and have a great first day!

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