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Monday, March 7, 2016

Providing a fun and educational setting for children across the Austin area

Matilda O'Connor was looking for a career change that would afford her more flexibility to spend time with her son who was starting kindergarten. "Bits, Bytes & Bots had other  locations around the country. I loved the programs the other locations were offering and wanted to bring them to the Austin area," Matilda said. "Being able to share my love for technology with children and to fuel their passion for technology was very appealing. Our goal was to help students develop important skills for their future."

During camp at Bits, Bytes & Bots, children obtain a variety of technical skills and build competence and confidence, all while having a great time. The camps are small -- no more than 10 kids per teacher -- allowing students to have their own computer and equipment to work with. Small camps also allow children to receive great individual and group instruction.

Each type of camp brings its own brand of excitement. Campers in the Minecraft camps have the opportunity to share their awesome creations with one another. Campers in the robotics camps build and customize their robots and create programs to make them move more effectively in order to be "battle ready" for the robot battles at the end of the camp. In LEGO stop motion animation movie making camps, there is a film screening at the end of camp for campers to showcase the movies they created in front of a live audience. In the coding and programming camps, kids learn to use software they likely don't have any experience with on their way to creating their very own computer game.

"Being able to teach them new skills, seeing how they apply what they learn and then watching them utilize their creativity to take things to the next level is very rewarding," said Matilda. "It is amazing to see how the confidence of our students grows as they learn increasingly complex material. They are always so proud of what they can accomplish in their time with us!"

Bits, Bytes & Bots camps also provide a great environment for children to meet others with the same interests while developing math and science skills, trouble-shooting abilities, logic and analytic skills, and critical thinking skills. Campers are enthusiastic and excited about diving into the subjects and on occasion, teaching their classmates.

Happy campers return to Bits, Bytes & Bots year after year, either trying different subject areas or to take more advanced-level camps to build upon what they've learned at camp in the past. Former students have returned to work as teacher's assistants, and often students use their Bits, Bytes & Bots projects in class at school or as part of the application process for various academic endeavors.

Starting from humble beginnings in Central Austin, Bits, Bytes & Bots has expanded across the Austin area with locations in Round Rock, Cedar Park, Westlake, Lakeway, as well as Austin. Bits, Bytes & Bots has also expanded its offerings to include after-school programs, workshops, science day programs and birthday parties. Matilda is especially excited about this summer. "We have been providing summer camps since 2007 and are looking forward to our 10th anniversary of summer camp this year. We invite you to make an investment in your child's future and check out what we have to offer!"

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