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Thursday, March 10, 2016

As the summer program for Girls Empowerment Network, campGEN provides a fun and safe space for "girls just to be girls." It's a place for girls to learn new skills like creative thinking, leadership, and confident communication -- all while meeting new friends and having an absolute blast! "We offer very intentional social-emotional learning for girls while maintaining the fun of camp. With 20 years of experience in girls issues, we provide an expertise unlike any other," said Caroline Crawford, campGEN's Program Director.

"We brought in experts to teach kick boxing and Zumba. We make goodies and treats for a bake sale benefitting Austin Pets Alive!. We do workshops on Real Beauty, mindfulness and how to be assertive. We do some very 'campy' crafts like tie-dye, friendship bracelets, and creating our own bath scrubs and candles," she added.

CampGEN offers three different sessions, allowing girls to gain new skills in just one week or by attending all three sessions to learn about mindfulness and stress management, confidence and inner strength, and diversity and identity.

Calm, Cool & Creative
Girls explore different ways to deal with stress, anxiety, and the pressures they face. They learn the importance of self-expression and self-care. This camp includes yoga, arts and crafts projects, healthy cooking, writing, storytelling and games! Calm, Cool and Creative runs June 22-26.

Strong, Bold & Assertive
This camp helps girls find their strength and inner confidence. Girls will learn how to project a confident attitude and assert themselves when the time is right. Activities include role plays and skits, a fun community advocacy project and lots of games! Strong, Bold and Assertive runs July 20-24.

Relate, Communicate & Celebrate!
This camp is all about Relationships! Girls will celebrate girlhood and what makes then unique. The girls will have the opportunity to reflect on their relationships with themselves, their families, friends, peers, community, and the world. They will practice confident communication skills for building relationships and resolving conflict. The camp will help girls feel more confident as they navigate their relationships and their communities. Relate, Communicate & Celebrate runs August 3-7.

The leadership at campGEN are committed to improving the lives of the girls who attend. "Camp is such an incredible gift to give your child," Caroline said. "Not only will your daughter make new friends, meet inspirational role models, and gain life skills, but she will have a fun time in the process. My favorite part is watching the magic happen from day one to closing day. I see girls who are maybe struggling with self-esteem issues, anxiety, or social awkwardness become more self-assured, make new friends, and have the skills to cope with challenges in the future."

"As a young woman, my summers at camp were transformative because of the authentic space created, the amazing peers, and the relatable female role models. We provide those things for these girls and I get to see each one grow the way I did. It is absolute magic! Also...DANCE PARTIES! We love dance parties!"

For more information, visit or call 512.808.4044 ext 106.

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