Cost Effective Nannies - Is A Nanny Share Right for Your Family?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Achieving a work/life balance is important to many families, the key of which is finding safe, reliable care for their children. Hiring a nanny is an option that interests many parents. There are definite pluses to nannies, but unfortunately hiring a full-time nanny is cost-prohibitive to many families. In such situations where flexible care is more of an option, consider a nanny share with another family.

What, exactly, is a nanny share? A nanny share can look different for each family, but it involves a nanny working for more than one family throughout the week. Here are three typical ways that a nanny share can be set up:

1. Family A has the nanny in the morning, Family B has the nanny for the afternoon

· Care typically takes place at each family’s home; the nanny has an hour or so break to travel between homes

2. Family A has the nanny certain days of the week, Family B has the nanny for the others

· Ex. Family A needs care Mon, Wed & Fri; Family B needs care Tues & Thurs

3. Family A & B share a nanny full-time

· Care typically takes place at one of the homes

There are many advantages to a nanny share, the main one being cost. However, in order for a nanny share to work well, there are several factors that need to be considered ahead of time. They are as follows:

· Good communication between the families is essential

· Both families should be looking for similar qualities/qualifications in a nanny

· Families should interview the nanny separately to ensure they are a good fit

· Child-rearing philosophies should be similar, such as food/nutrition, discipline, screen use, etc.

· Each family needs to have a contract with the nanny as well as a contract with each other. Each family is considered an employer and must pay taxes accordingly

· Whose house will be used? Will families trade off?

· What if a sick parent is home at the house?

· Who pays for supplies & equipment?

· How will illnesses be handled amongst the children?

· How will vacation time be handled?

· How will it be determined when the nanny can take vacation?

· How will nanny performance reviews and raises take place?

· What if one family wants to leave or needs a decrease in hours?

A nanny share arrangement can certainly be a wonderful way for families to afford a nanny. However, it is best to ensure that both families are in agreement up-front on certain factors to avoid any surprises.

Are you considering a nanny share? We want to hear from you!

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