Grape Sculptures: Pinterest Win vs. Fail

Friday, July 7, 2017

We're all seeking fun summer activities to entertain our kids, and sometimes there is only so much of the outdoors that we can tolerate -- especially in this Texas heat! Pinterest is a mom's best friend and worst enemy simultaneously. It gives us great inspiration, but let’s be honest -- sometimes it just stresses us out! We all want to be that creative mom, but who has the time and energy?


When I find simple Pinterest activities that look fun and doable, I consider that a win. Grape Sculptures are one such activity that I can get behind. Since I already had grapes and toothpicks (the only materials you need!) around my house, I decided it was worth a shot. Here is the verdict of the experimental fun with my 12 year old daughter and 3 year old son.

What You’ll Need:



(yes, that’s really it!)

How To:

It’s pretty simple. You literally give your children a pile of toothpicks and a bowl of grapes, then allow them to create sculptures by connecting the grapes to the toothpicks. Watch them troubleshoot and see the creative ideas they come up with.

The Verdict:

In our house, the Grape Sculptures were a huge Pinterest win! My 12 year old initially rolled her eyes at me when I asked her to participate, but she ended up enjoying herself. My three year old rarely sits still for longer than 15 minutes, and he ended up playing for over thirty!

You can adapt the Grape Sculptures to include any objects that would achieve the same results -- marshmallows and blueberries are a couple that come to mind. The creativity and fun is literally endless!


Have you tried this activity at home? What did you think?

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