Great Board Games for Kids

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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Tired of the same old board games? We’ve got some fresh ideas to revamp you family game night! We’d love to hear your favorites too!

Games for A Spread of Ages

Our go-to game right now is Rat-A-Tat-Cat. It says ages 6 and up, but my 5 year old has been playing this for over a year and he beats everyone a lot of the time! It’s easy, quick, and fun for young and old ages alike. When you don’t have much time to commit to a game, this one is perfect!

Sleeping Queens is another game that’s fun and quick. It’s for ages 8 and up and can be played with 2-5 players, which is nice for when there’s only 2 who want to play.

Uno is a classic, but there are so many fun, new versions of it available now. We just got the Super Mario one. They’ve also come out with a new game called Dos which could be fun if you’ve already played Uno to death.

Bugs in the Kitchen is fun for younger kids, but my oldest loves to play it too. In fact, out of all the games we have in our game closet, this is the one they reach for the most. It’s funny and exciting and moves quickly.

Reverse Charades is the perfect family bonding game! It’s like charades, except teams act out the cards together instead of just one person acting it out. We like to play it where there’s only one guesser and the rest of us act it out together. It’s hilarious and adorable to see what the kids come up with each time.

Jenga is a great game for almost all ages. My kids love to play this game with their grandparents, and the youngest one uses the blocks to build cool creations. Multi-functional game!

No Stress Chess is the perfect game to help teach the rules of Chess. Even my 5 year old can play this! The cards give you instructions so you don’t have to keep looking up how each piece moves. It takes all confusion out of the game and builds their confidence to play!

If you have kids who freak out about losing, try playing a cooperative game like Wildcraft or Outfoxed! Everyone plays together as a team so you cheer for each other and help each other out. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from being super competitive and watch everyone work together to win.

Dominos can be played so many ways that they appeal to the oldest and youngest alike. Play the original way, or show your youngest how to stack them up and knock them down. Great for developing those fine motor skills!

War is an old card game that my kids will often play during free time at school. I like how it build their math skills and all it requires is a simple deck of cards!

Watch Ya Mouth is probably the silliest game ever made. The mouth pieces aren’t the most comfortable, but the amount of pee-your-pants belly laughs this game produces is totally worth it!


Games for Little Ones

Zingo is easy and fun for little ones. It helps them build vocabulary and matching skills. This was my little one’s favorite game for the longest time.

The Little Orchard is another cooperative game that’s perfect for the younger set. It’s so cute and fun, though, that even my oldest loves playing this with his younger bro.

Guess Who was probably my favorite board game as a kid, so of course I force my own kids to play this with me.

My First Banana Grams is perfect for the early reader and even those who can’t quite read just yet.

Sequence for Kids is perfect for learning the game Sequence, which can be played once everyone gets a little older.


Games for Older Kids

Classic Monopoly can take over your dining room table for days on end, leaving you with no where to eat dinner! But these new, fun versions have a way to play “quick games”. There are so many fun options that you’re bound to find one that suits your kid’s interest like Shark-o-poly, Dinopoly, etc.

Apples to Apples Junior has us laughing every time. Great for when you have a larger group.

Mastermind was another one of my childhood favs. Kind of like Battleship, where you have to guess the sequence.

Math Dice helps teach math skills in a fun way!

Ticket to Ride is one of my favorite adult games, but if it’s too hard for your kids, you can start them off with Ticket to Ride: First Journey.


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