How to Find the Best Summer Camps for Kids in 2018

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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I know it is only January and we just have barely made it past Christmas, but believe it or not, before Spring Break arrives is the time to start planning for summer.


It’s summer camp registration season and many camps are known to fill up fast, so how can you be sure to choose the right summer camps for your kids?  It takes some planning and some knowledge about what to look for.  Below are 4 tips for you to find the best summer camps for your kids.


  1. What Do You (and your kids) Want?

The first step is to think through what you as a parent want for your children this summer, and what do you want them to accomplish.  Are they focused on an activity, or a learning experience?  Have a conversation with your kids about what they are interested in too.  Do they want to try something new or practice something they already enjoy?  Are their interests broad and they want to do robotics one week, art the next and sports after that? This helps you decide whether you need to look at specialty camps, or more traditional camps where there is a variety of activities.


  1. Logistics:

It is important to really think about what you are able to support this summer.  Do you need all of your children to attend the same camp, or are you open to driving more and having them do different things? Do you want them in a camp every week or just a few here and there throughout the summer?  What hours do you need and do you need camps with extended care?  What is your budget per week? These are all important considerations.


  1. Find Your Camp

Once you have decided on what type of camp you want and need, finding the camps that match is the next step.  Doing a free search on is an amazing resource for you to find camps.  The site is a comprehensive list of camps in Austin and the surrounding areas, where you can use the filters to customize your search and find the camps you are most interested in.  Make sure to talk to other parents in your area to find out their favorites - setting up carpools is always a plus!

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  1. Talk With The Camp

Having a conversation with the camp director and staff is very important, and a good way to understand what the camps goals for the summer are. This shows what they are focused on and how they define a successful program.  Pay attention to how the camp communicates, how responsive they are, and ask how they communicate with the parents during the camp and address problems as they arise.


A great way to have a chance to speak with directors, is to attend the Nurture My Child Camp Fair on February 25th from 1-4pm at the Norris Conference Center (Anderson & Burnet).  Over 60 camps will be in attendance, and families can get a better sense of what the camp is really like by visiting the booths, talking to the staff and experiencing some of the activities the children may be doing over the summer.  RSVP now to get your free tickets or show up the day of the event.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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