Kids Learn Creative Problem Solving & Have Fun with Summer Spark

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Join us this summer at Summer Spark for fun days filled with creativity and personal growth! Each week at Summer Spark features a different challenge which provides the opportunity to boost the 3Cs – creative problem solving, collaboration, and confidence. Whether designing a rollercoaster for a marble or building a car from recycled materials, campers apply creativity as they innovate, collaborate with peers in search of solutions, and gain confidence as they learn from set-backs. Summer Spark days are a careful balance between individual and group activity, and time for relaxation, reflection, and play.

Camps run from June 12th through August 25th in downtown Austin and Westlake and include the option of extended hours until 6pm. Rising 1st – rising 6th graders are welcome.

This year’s weekly challenges include:

Marble Rollercoasters: Using a variety of household materials, campers transform trash into treasure as they design, build, and refine marble runs.

Stop the Plop: Campers design, build, and test containers to try and avoid the plop, or rather splatter, of a raw egg hitting a hard surface.

Invention Convention: Campers are presented with a series of invention challenges – or maybe come up with their own – that inspire them to persevere as they design, test, and tinker.

Structural Integrity: Campers take on a series of building challenges with limited resources and unlimited creativity.

Medieval Construction: Campers use two simple machines – pulleys and levers – along with lots of imagination, to build defense systems for their castles.

Car-dboard Mechanics: Campers use two simple machines – wheel + axle and inclined plane – along with lots of imagination, to build cars and tracks.

Take Flight: Campers combine creative problem solving with simple materials to see if they can make flying machines.

Float the Boat: Campers become nautical engineers as they use their creative problem solving skills to design and build floating vessels out of simple materials.

Cardboard Arcade: Calling all game makers! Campers will turn recycled materials into a functioning arcade and celebrate their accomplishments by playing each other’s games.

With packed schedules, powerful media everywhere, and performance pressure on schools, we believe that a fundamental component of a strong foundation is missing in the lives of many children today. The ability to tackle a problem with no set solution – to think creatively and flexibly, to struggle, fail, and try again, to test, revise, and reiterate. At Summer Spark, we strive to fill this gap. We are all about physical experiments, purposeful tinkering, messy construction. Creativity Unplugged. 


We understand that coordinating summer schedules can be overwhelming. We hope to make your life a little easier with no registration fees and full refunds until May if your plans change and your child cannot attend camp. Visit to register today.

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