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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Take the Stress out of Signing up for Summer Camps

Summer is approaching fast. If it's your first time signing up your children for summer camp you might be in for a stressful experience. You're looking for a camp that is safe, fun and within your budget. Here are some tips to make it less stressful for you.

Don't wait until the last minute.

Is it possible to sign up the day before camp starts? Possibly, but you may be dealing with limited options. If you've waited until the Friday before, know that kidsActing has over 150 half day camps and full day single or multi-weeks camps, offered in 16 locations. So your chances of finding a camp close by is really good. 

Don't worry if your first choice is already full.

If your first choice is full, it doesn't mean there aren't still plenty of options available. At kidsActing, you'll find multiple camps in multiple locations. If singing and dancing is your child's cup of tea, consider kidsActing's Triple Threat musical camps for various age groups 5-16. Musical camps include: Annie, Little Mermaid, Tangled, Jungle Book, Wizard of Oz, Legally Blonde and many more. 

For young children, ages 4-8, kidsActing's half-day, full-week Creative Kids camps are a dramatic must. These are mini-Triple Threat camps for the younger crowd. This year kids will have a blast being characters in Toy Story, Peter Pan and Frozen.

Maybe find the spring sweet spot...or not.

Finding a middle ground between rushing to sign up on the first day of registration, and scrambling to find an open camp at the last minute lands you right in the relaxed heart of spring. Or you can simply keep registering all summer with kidsActing. Their camps begin in June and run right through August. 

Their full day, one-week, Adventures in Acting camps include stage combat for the themes: Pirates of the Caribbean, Lightning Thief, Star Wars, and Wizardry. The latter is a new addition to kidsActing, where kids make wands, invent charms, and show off their newly acquired Quidditch skills in a spirited tournament, cheered on by their family and friends.

Register early for multi-week in-town camps. They can be in short supply, or completely full by early June.

Sometimes your child needs or enjoys being in a camp for more than one week. Rather than switch from one place to another, consider multi-week camps from kidsActing. Their full-scale professional productions begin in June. For 3 weeks, performers 7 to 18 years old will take a fantastical journey beyond the wall in search of a magical fallen star in Stardust

"This play is full of wonderful characters. There are conniving princes, sky pirates, and evil witches," says Director, Dylan Kittleman, "It's as fun as The Princess Bride, with lots of magic, humor and adventure, but it's got more plot twists and quirky characters."

In July, kids ages 8 to 18 will cut loose and kick off their Sunday shoes for 4 lively weeks as Footloose takes the stage! Campers will be guided by Professional Director and Choreographer, Courtney Jacobs, and Music Director, Tyler Mabry, to strengthen their vocal, dancing, and acting skills, and have a blast with some of the most iconic music from the mid-1980s, like Footloose, I Need A Hero, and Let's Hear It For The Boy

"Most of us have seen one of the movie versions of 'Footloose', and yet, there is nothing like being in it, on stage," says Courtney Jacobs, the show's director. "It's exciting, presents a theme still relevant to young people, and has these memorable songs, that are just so much fun to sing and dance to!"

Both full-scale productions are performed in kidsActing's 160-seat venue at Center Stage Theatre, 2826 Real St and they include professionally produced sets, costumes, lights, and live accompaniment. 

Empowering kids for over 35 years, kidsActing is an Austin institution as well as the longest operating theatre arts school in Austin. kidsActing serves over 2,500 students a year, with more than 1,500 kids enjoying lively and engaging summer camps in 16 convenient locations. 

With fun classes tailored to fit each individual age group and strengthen their singing, dancing and acting skills, kidsActing's focus is also on empowerment: developing and supporting confidence, problem-solving, teamwork, and self-discipline, as well as other skills and traits that will serve students for a lifetime.

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