Pinterest Win vs Pinterest Fail: Soap Clouds

Friday, July 28, 2017

Kids are often intrigued by science experiments and enjoy watching two materials combine to create something fun and exciting. Along with a break from the Texas heat, fun indoor experiments can be a great summer pass time. If you have a microwave and a bar of Dove soap lying around -- food color optional -- you can complete this fun filled experiment. Is it worth your time? See if our DIY Soap Clouds were a Pinterest win or a Pinterest fail.

Here's what you'll need:

Plain Dove bar


Food coloring (optional)

Here's what you do:

Microwave the unwrapped Dove bar in the microwave for two minutes and watch the magic happen. 

When we took our soap cloud out of the microwave, we were excited to see...


It was a very anti-clamatic puddle of white, right there in the microwave. 

Thankfully my kids are young enough to where they think even a simple mess is fun! 

Here's our 2 minute result -- can you see the anticipation? 

...the unfortunate result.

Save your time and the few dollars on a Dove bar -- this one was a Pinterest Fail!


Have you tried DIY Soap Clouds? Did they work?


Dianne Koehler
This experiment only works with Ivory soap and it is a fantastic one. I have done it at camp, my SIL did it at YMCA classes with her pre-schoolers. We did a comparison using Dove which flops. We then took the soap and pressed it into freezer molds for them to take home. You can even color it.

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