Rock About provides outdoor adventures for daring kids

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Everyone's a born climber!

Tired of sending their kids to indoor climbing gyms, a group of parents approached Adam Mitchell about what it would take to climb on real rock. Thanks to their encouragement, Adam started Rock About -- Austin's only outdoor rock climbing camp -- in 2013. Now entering its 4th year of summer camps, Rock About is still the only rock climbing camp where kids can experience the adventure of scaling a piece of nature while learning teamwork in a positive environment.

Rock About summer camp teaches kids responsibility through safety and positive interaction while helping each other succeed. "I love seeing when kids who are struggling with climbing figure out how their body works on the wall and do really well the rest of the week," says Adam. "I love to see each kid give each other positive feedback and really take the responsibility of safety seriously," he added.

Campers at Rock About can expect plenty of excitement as they learn to climb on Austin's Greenbelt, at Reimer's Ranch, and at Enchanted Rock -- an adventure that includes a trip through a cave. Campers also learn about "leaving no trace" by picking up as much trash in the Enchanted Rock cave as possible. "The kids feel really good about themselves after that, for sure. I think parents will love how we not only show their kids adventure, but we also give them responsibility and positive social interactions with peers. Having fun is important, but becoming good people is important as well," says Adam.

Campers who attend a summer camp session with Rock About tend to come back year after year, and often bring friends with them to share the skills they've achieved. Thanks to the Rock About team's lessons and enthusiasm, some repeat campers have even become so involved in rock climbing that they have gone off to climbing camps as far off as Colorado. "I'm really proud," says Adam.

"I'm really grateful for the parents' request because they really love the opportunity we provide for adventure. We know that each kid in our camp will remember it forever and want to come back each year!"

Rock About offers eight different weeks of camp. Each session is limited to 12 campers.

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