The Real Magic Behind Fantastic Magic Camp

Monday, January 30, 2017

Throughout the past 24 years, Fantastic Magic Camp has built a community dedicated to embracing and encouraging the uniqueness of Austin and its children. Since opening its doors in 1993, FMC has been teaching magic, puppetry, and juggling but the real draw is the magic they work building confidence and life skills within their campers. Focusing on helping kids cultivate their inner entertainer makes this camp an extraordinary experience!

Fantastic Magic Camp gives timid kids a venue to express themselves in ways that they could have never dreamed and spirited kids a place to focus their energy through games and robust physical activity. Amongst the fun of learning magic tricks and how to juggle, building puppets and riding unicycles, they give these kids an outlet to engage with others without the fear of being turned away. FMC fosters an environment of inclusion for all types of kids, regardless of background or ability, a trait uncommon for most camps.

Camp sessions are led by Peter Hinrichs, a professional entertainer with decades of experience, and a staff of former campers who truly understand FMC’s core mission. A day at Fantastic Magic Camp is full to the brim with magic camp specific classes, games, and time to run around and be kids. The campers are divided by age and experience to be sure they can learn at their pace. The whole day is scheduled and focused to make the most of the campers’ energy throughout the day. Most days a week during each session they have special theme days where everyone is encouraged to dress accordingly and welcome some of the best magicians, jugglers and ventriloquists in Texas to perform for the campers and those performances are open to the public so family and friends are encouraged to join!

Fantastic Magic Camp is a camp experience unlike any other in Austin. The recipient of many awards and accolades, the best way to exhibit their success is how many campers come back year after year. Camp runs for 6 sessions in the summer and the week of Spring Break. Register before January 31st and receive the Early Bird discount discounting each two-week session by $75 and each one-week session by $25. 

Give your kids the gift of magic this summer! For more information visit

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