What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Mother's Day

What do you really want for Mother’s Day? I’m sure most of us would say more sleep, someone else to do the cooking for the day, and maybe some sort of self-care experience like a massage or a pedicure. I always tell (remind) my husband and kids that all I want is for them to make me homemade cards. The kind where they take their time (maybe even visit a Hobby Lobby for supplies), make it special and extra sweet so that I cry while reading them. That’s the good stuff, right there. But if they’re also willing to go the extra mile and get you some gifts too, here’s a list of some really great ideas to add to your Wish List.

  • Cookbooks are a great idea, if the child picks it out and promises to cook with you (or for you, if they’re older). This could be the start of a sweet Mother/Child tradition.
  • Meal delivery service. There are so many of these out there right now. Services like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh take away the tedious parts (like meal planning and food shopping) of meals and leave you to do the fun stuff. You’ll feel like a gourmet chef when you’re done cooking!
  • Spa day. No explanation needed.
  • Photo books are so thoughtful. I post pictures of my kids frequently to Instagram but also love to have hard copies of photos in our home. Enter Chatbooks, a genius service that prints photos directly from Instagram! No uploading involved.
  • Robes or soft pj’s are always welcome.
  • Locket or initial necklace. Another sentimental gift, especially for new moms. We love to proudly wear our baby’s initials!
  • Silk pillowcase (to prevent wrinkles while we sleep!)
  • Wrinkle cream (something you wouldn’t splurge on for yourself but secretly really want).
  • Dry shampoo, because we don’t have time to wash our hair every day!
  • Foot peels. If you can’t get away for a pedicure, this would be the next best thing.
  • Local honey (for allergies) and a favorite tea. Maybe throw in a funny mug.
  • Pixel art family portrait or cross stitch portrait. There are so many of these on Etsy! It’s fun to pick your favorite style, send the artist a family photo, and see yourselves as a piece of art!
  • Ask the kids to clean the inside and outside of your car (or have dad take it to the car wash). Mom cars get notoriously dirty!
  • A deep house cleaning, either done by the kids if they’re older, or by hired help.
  • Food allergy testing kit you can do at home!
  • A family date to somewhere fun. To take this a step further, have the husband and kids come up with 12 pre-planned family dates to do once a month for an entire year!

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