Family Fair


1-4pm at theNorris Conference Center - 2525 W Anderson Lane

The Nurture My Child Family Fair is a family-friendly, community focused event for parents from Austin and the surrounding areas. The event allows families to have interactions with local camps, classes, schools and vendors. We provide a positive event experience for the families, vendors and sponsors.

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1:15-1:45pm  Yoga for Kids with Bliss Kid Yoga                                             


2:00-2:45pm  Interactive Music Show by Songs for Seeds Band                                                 

3:15-3:45pm  Yoga for Kids with Bliss Kid Yoga


1:30-2:00pm Nurturing a Healthy Eater

Natalie Poulos:


Developing healthy eating habits starts early. We will consider the importance of nutrition in early childhood and provide tips for parents to help nurture a healthy eater. 


Topics will include:

·       Foods safety and transition to family food

·       Child independence in food choice

·       Tips for dealing with picky eating behavior


Natalie is a nutrition consultant with Parenters helping to guide families with health and nutrition education, healthy food shopping, nutrition on-the-go, edible gardening, cooking with kids, and more! She is a Licensed Dietitian and holds a PhD in Health Behavior and Health Education, Master of Science in Health Education, and Bachelors of Science in Nutritional Sciences all from the University of Texas at Austin. As her professional career has developed, Natalie has maintained a focus on understanding how food shapes the behavior of individuals, particularly youth. She has done this through health behavior research, professional presentations, authoring scientific literature, and teaching college level courses on nutrition fundamentals, food service, and life cycle nutrition.


2:15-2:45pm Cultivating Grit at Home

Jessica Elliott:


Grit is known as more important to success and happiness then talent or IQ alone. Yet, how can we as parents, caregivers and adults in children's lives tap into supporting the development of this essential attribute? By delving into mindsets, vulnerability and the micro-opportunities that our children (and we) present on a daily basis for growth.


We will explore:

·       How mindsets are the gateway to learning

·       Why vulnerability is the key to happiness

·       The micro-opportunities that can develop willingness, flexibly and persistence in an individual


Jessica Elliott is an educational and child development consultant with Parenters. She has a bachelor’s degree in Child Development, a minor in Psychology, a master’s in Education, and is pre-primary/primary certified in Montessori Education. She has taught for 16 years in various educational environments focused on elementary instruction and has presented at numerous national and international educational conferences. Jessica is also an educational consultant to schools, teachers, and learning communities in the US and internationally.


3:00-3:30pm Helping Your Child Cope With Anxiety

Susan Phariss:


It’s difficult for kids to learn when they are experiencing anxiety. But what can parents do to lower their child’s anxiety—at school and at home—so they can be happier and reach their potential?


We’ll cover:

·       How anxiety affects learning skills

·       The root cause for chronic anxiety

·       A fun activity to lower anxiety before and after school


Susan Phariss is a Neurodevelopment Specialist, mechanical engineer, author, speaker and brain development expert. After getting her own life back after 10 years of devastating anxiety, Susan performed a controlled study in a public school helping kids overcome behavior and learning challenges. She specializes in working with bright kids who are struggling with slow reading, poor focus and concentration, and anxiety disorders with her revolutionary movement-based brain exercises.  She is also a neurodevelopment consultant to private schools

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Nurture My Child is partnering with Pop Up Birthday to collect donations

for Austin area foster children. 

Bring donations of new pajamas or children's books and be entered to win our giveaway.