Services for Families

Nurture My Child Consulting Services are unique in that we are here to offer you guidance in any area of childcare. Whether you are a first-time pregnant family and need help understanding the various child care options available, to a family who wants a nanny, to a family moving to Austin who needs help finding a preschool, we can help.

Please contact us as we would love to talk with you about your child care needs.

Pregnancy Consultation

This consultation is ideal for families who are newly pregnant and unsure of what child care options are available, when they need to start looking for care, and what the general costs are. Agency owner, Rebecca Cole meets with you personally to discuss child care, in-home care and nanny options with a detailed dive into the families specific needs and wants. This is a wonderful service for 1st time parents as you try and understand the complicated world of child care.

Child Care/Preschool Consultation

This consultation is targeted specifically for families who are looking for child care and/or preschool programs. This includes centers as well as in-home care. Agency owner Rebecca Cole will meet with you personally to help you understand the options that are available, pros and cons of each option, pricing, timing, and answer any questions you may have. You will receive a packet of information that gives you tools to move forward with finding the care you need.

Nanny Placement

Welcome to Nurture My Child Nanny Placement Agency! We are so happy you are here and we look forward to working with you to find a perfect nanny for your family. When you work with our agency you will receive support throughout the search and hiring process.

Placement Process

The Nanny Placement process starts with a 1hr in-home consultation to discuss your needs and talk you through each step of the nanny search process. After the consultation you will receive and approve a copy of the nanny job posting to ensure everything is correct.

Nurture My Child takes pride in the fact that unlike other agencies we don't just send you any applicant from our agency who applies for your position. We know your time is precious, so we ensure that the nannies we send you are a good fit for YOUR family and YOUR needs. The information you will receive on the pre-screened nanny applicants is:

  • We have an open book policy with our clients; therefore, all of the information we have obtained on the nanny applicants is yours to review at any time.
  • Information on candidates experience and work history
  • Answers to initial screening interview
  • Reference Checks
  • CPR and 1st Aid certification
  • Background Checks that include a criminal check in every state and county
  • Motor vehicle check for tickets, accidents and suspensions
What You Receive

We believe strongly in supporting our families throughout the entire nanny placement process. You will receive:

  • Timeline for hiring a nanny
  • Information on Interviews and Sample Interview Questions
  • Tax Information
  • Sample Nanny Contract
  • Sample nanny training guide
  • Tips on How to Ease Separation Anxiety
  • Sample daily log
  • Sample emergency contacts and medical consent
  • Sample nanny performance evaluation form
We're Here For You

Our work does not stop when you hire a nanny. We want to make sure things continue to be a good fit. We will proactively check in with you during the first 90 days of employment to make sure things are going smoothly. We are also always here to support you with whatever you may need.


Service Placement Fee Replacement Fee
Child Care Consultation $200 fee for 1-hr in-home consultation to discuss child care and nanny options  
Full-Time Nanny
(25hrs per week or more)
A $200 fee at time of in-home consultation
A placement fee of $1800 is paid at time of placement
0-3 months (90 days) - No charge
Part-Time Nanny
(less than 25hrs per week)
A $200 fee at time of in-home consultation
A placement fee of $1400 is paid at time of placement
0-3 months (90 days) - No charge
Live-In Nanny
(25hrs per week or more)
A $200 fee at time of in-home consultation
A $750 fee is paid when the candidate search begins, and an additional placement fee of $1750 is paid at time of placement
0-3 months (90 days) - No charge

Corporate Benefits

Nurture My Child has been working with Austin companies since 2010. Contact us to learn more about providing child care consultations, nanny placements, parenting talks and much more to your employees as part of your corporate benefits package.